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Tree Topping

If you want to reduce the height of your tree without harming it, entrust the job to our team of professional arborists. We’ll take a responsible approach to tree topping that involves careful pruning of the canopy, or we’ll recommend alternative height reduction methods.

When Is Tree Topping Harmful?

Leveling the top of a tree harms it irreparably, sometimes killing it. A topped tree will direct energy toward the production of new shoots at the expense of the rest of the tree. The results are the signs of decay: weak branches, poor leaf production, lack of color, etc.

Responsible Tree Topping

For any tree you want to keep, our approach to “tree topping” is really pruning to keep your tree strong, maintain an attractive shape, and reduce height. For trees marked for removal - and only in this case - we will perform simple tree topping as the first step in commercial excavation.

Residential & Commercial Maintenance

Responsible tree topping - or reduction pruning - is part of regular tree maintenance. Pruning is recommended every 3-5 years for most trees. For some ornamental trees, we may recommend pruning the canopy more often to maintain the desired shape (e.g. pollarding).

Commercial Removal

If you have tall trees in a lot planned for development, excavating them at their full height can cause them to fall onto nearby buildings, trees, or other structures. Professional tree topping to reduce their height beforehand is often a good safety measure to avoid collateral damage.

Take a Safe Approach to Tree Topping

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