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Tree Stump Removal

Pulling a stump out of the ground is deceptively simple. It takes the proper equipment and know-how to fully remove a tree stump without damaging the yard or surrounding trees. You can rely on our certified arborists to safely and completely remove your unsightly stump.

Don’t Wait to Remove Your Stump

Customers don’t think of stump removal as urgent, but you don’t want to delay getting it done. A dried-out stump attracts bugs (like termites, ants, and roaches) and critters (like snakes and raccoons). These pests can be a nuisance or even carry diseases that affect nearby trees.

Why Kolcun Tree Care for Stump Removal

As certified arborists, we’re experienced in all things tree care. That includes careful, thorough removal of dead or dying trees and stumps while protecting nearby live trees.

We value the health and beauty of your surrounding trees and plants. That’s why we take great care to avoid doing damage to nearby grass, the root systems of neighboring trees, flower beds, and other flora as we methodically grind the stump down.

Once we’re through with stump grinding, we completely remove all wood chunks and remaining mulch. We then backfill the hole with soil and thoroughly clean up the job site. After we’ve gone, you’ll see little evidence that the stump was ever there.

While on your property, we’ll keep our eyes open for any visible issues with surrounding live trees. If we see signs of tree diseases, insect infestation, soil deficiencies, or other tree health concerns, we’ll recommend a full tree inspection to properly diagnose the problem.

Make Your Stump Disappear

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