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Tree Diseases and Insect Control

Treating a tree that looks sick should always begin with a thorough inspection. An accurate diagnosis from Kolcun Tree Care will ensure that we provide the proper treatment. By working with our knowledgeable certified arborists, you’ll avoid misdiagnosis and costly trial and error.

Tree Disease and Insect Control Treatment Plans

Though we often begin treatment plans after new customers alert us to a problem, they are just as important for prevention. Treatments help keep your tree healthy, beautiful, and strong, preventing the decay that causes structural problems and safety concerns.

Common Causes of Tree Disease and Decay

After we determine the cause of the infection, we apply safe, effective products to the root system - this is called a basal treatment - to treat the infection throughout the tree. The causes of disease are generally fungal, bacterial/viral, and/or an infestation of pests.

Harmful fungal growth is the leading cause of tree disease, but some fungi are actually good for the tree. Our tree experts know the difference. We’ll apply the right treatments to discourage only the bad fungal growth while preserving the good.

Microorganisms can infect a tree like any other living thing. Often carried by insects, bacteria (called phytoplasma) can cause lethal yellowing. The ringspot virus is also fairly common and is especially troublesome in fruit trees.

We have many pests common to Greater Savannah, the Lowcountry, and our island communities like Hilton Head. We can properly diagnose the signs and treat your trees for them all, including (but not limited to):

  • Aphids
  • Fall webworms
  • Twig borers
  • Scale insects
  • Pine borers

Keep Your Trees Healthy and Beautiful

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