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Tree Fertilization

Feeding your trees is an important part of keeping them healthy and beautiful. We use a deep root fertilization technique to infuse the soil that feeds your tree’s root system with essential nutrients and support ongoing tree health.

Why Start a Tree Fertilization Program?

Trees can only flourish in high-nutrient soil that supports strong root growth. Deficient soil inhibits growth. This often leads to a weak tree that is at higher risk of disease, reduced branch and leaf growth, less vibrant colors, and other structural and aesthetic issues.

When Tree Fertilization Is Essential

It’s always a good idea to feed any trees you value for their appearance, or for personal, historical, or ecological value. A fertilization program is especially important when the environment actively works against healthy tree growth.

Lowcountry/Coastal Empire Soil
Sandy, nutrient-deficient soil covers our coastal and island communities. Many of your favorite species of trees struggle to grow here without help, making tree fertilization all the more necessary in this region.

Competition with Grass
As much as we all love the appearance of a tree planted in a well-manicured lawn, grass and trees are natural competitors. Any trees on your property that are surrounded by grass will need deep root fertilization treatments to thrive.

Keep Your Trees Healthy and Beautiful

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