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Lightning Protection for Trees

The Lowcountry/Greater Savannah region has among the highest density of lightning strikes in the U.S. Thankfully, there are precautions we can take to protect your tree - and your house or other nearby structures that could be damaged if lightning were to take your tree down.

Why Lightning Protection Is Important

Lightning protection gives your tree the best chance of withstanding a lightning strike and continuing to thrive afterward. Strikes don’t always kill trees, but usually cause irreversible damage like a split trunk, ugly scarring, structural weakness, and a shortened lifespan.

How It Works

Kolcun Tree Care uses a proven method to reduce the risk of lightning striking your tree. We install what you might call a “lightning rod” to capture and control the jolt of electricity.

We rig up a copper wire with a blunt tip air terminal positioned high in the canopy to effectively channel lightning.

The wire and attachments aren’t overly noticeable. They provide excellent protection while not detracting from the tree’s natural beauty.

This is a great investment for your most beautiful, historic, and cherished trees that are at risk of being charred, broken, and even killed by lightning.

Protect Your Trees and Property

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